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I'm a 30 year old, I live in Recife / PE.

My friends call me Ktquez and I'm known like this, I'm self-taught and learning about web development comes to mind just thinking.

The current labeling makes me FullStack Web Developer (8 years) and I like that term, I'm passionate about building apps from scratch and because I participated in 2 web businesses earlier this decade it made me need to learn from design to deploy.

My specialties are in PHP and Javascript and with a good command of languages ​​without needing structures like Frameworks, but when it comes to productivity and not rewriting the wheel, I work with Laravel PHP Frameworks, Lumen and even API REST with Wordpress (that's it even though it read, and it's amazing too). Already in the powerful JavaScript, I'm practically evangelist Vue.js and I really enjoy producing content about and helping in the community with plugins and components.

I love to work remotely the time that we lost with transport, traffic jams and etc, I take the opportunity to study and contribute to the community and projects in Github, besides recording videos for my channel on Youtube that is a project that dates to years who You know I can help somebody get a job it's already worth it to me.

Since I as a person, if you know me, you will see a person who has liberal thinking, dreamy (that's a lot) and I'm not politically correct, but I always put myself in the other's place before anything, respect, and ethics (without demagogy ).

I have an entrepreneurial spirit (I do not know how to be, my head explodes with ideas), I like to contribute socially to something, I've been a computer teacher in the community that I live in, I'm the founder of the project Recife Up (soon) new developers from the city of Recife to create portfolio and gain professional experience creating apps and websites that contribute to the evolution of the city and quality of life the population.

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