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posted on: 1/8/2009, 10:49:00 AM

last updated: 1/8/2009, 10:49:00 AM

by: skamansam

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Last semester, I started a project to ease my work quite a bit. I noticed that a lot of departments at UNCG want to add effects to their sites. In the past, I have hand-coded all the effects myself, on an as-needed basis. I have grown a little weary of doing this, as it may lead to sloppiness and errors in my code. So I started work on a project I call WebFX! WebFX is a mixture of javascript and CSS which adds effects and styles to elements based on the element's class. All the class names begin with 'webFX_' and are usually suffixed with the name of the effect. Since WebFX uses the amazing jQuery library, all the effects should work across all browsers! Just in case, I have tested them in Opera 9.5, Firefox 3.1, Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6, and 7, Konqueror 4.1.3, Lynx 2.8.6, W3M 0.5.2, Amaya 11,


The following FX are "Special FX" designed to do add 'flash' to the user experience, without using Flash (the Macromedia kind). Javascript must be enabled.

Always-Visible (class="webFX_alwaysVisible")

The element will scroll down with the page, so it is always visible. The main use is to keep the navigation panel always visible to the user.

Image Rotation (class="webFX_rotate")

This is called Image Rotation, because most people will use it for such, but really, it will work on any element. It simply rotates all the child elements in order.

Slideshow (class="webFX_slideshow")

This is the same as Image Rotation, but with controls added to start, stop, and pause the rotation.

This is an extension of Slideshow, with an extra section for thumbnails.

User Interface

The following FX use the jQuery UI library, with a custom theme designed for UNCG. Javascript must be enabled.

Accordion (class="webFX_accordion")

This is a simple "Accordion" like interface for displaying data. It displays headers, and when the headers are clicked, the content is shown.

Tabbed Navigation (class="webFX_tabs")

This turns any list into a series of tabs, with a sub-navigation bar underneath.

DatePicker (class="webFX_datePicker")

This allows the user to select a date from a DatePicker, and change the value of the element. Mostly useful for text input fields in forms.

Dialog (class="webFX_dialog")

This displays a dialog (aka 'message box') with the first child's content when the element is clicked. Probably not very useful at UNCG, without some extra scripting.

Slider (class="webFX_dialog")

This displays a slider that someone can manipulate. Not very useful at UNCG without some extra scripting.


The following are UNCG-themed styles meant to be applied to certain elements. No Javascript is required.

News (class="webFX_news")

This is the same as Accordion, but with no animation, just the style.