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New Theme Under Construction...

posted on: 7/31/2009, 9:25:00 AM

last updated: 8/9/2009, 9:25:00 AM

by: skamansam

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Hello, all RBS followers! I am creating a new theme for WordPress called Bubbly Blue, which is part of my Bubbly Blue theme series. So far I have only one other

  • an Ampache theme. I am using this blog as a testing area for this theme, so please be patient if something goes horribly awry!

Thank you all!

Updated August 9:

Here are some features of my theme so far:

  • Three-Layer Header for more customization! = The background layer is for gradients, etc. The Logo layer is for your logo. The FX layer is for added graphics to enhance the other layers.
  • A top menu, which can show all pages as tabs. Also doubles as a sidebar.
  • Three sidebars: one dropdown menu and two sidebars on either side of main content area. These can be turned on/off in the options panel.
  • W3C standards-compliance. A graphic link has been added to the footer so you can just click to test the validity of each page.

My theme is almost complete! Still left to do:

  • Move header text over when logo is enabled/disabled
  • Fix Comments/Respond tabs on posts
  • Create Default sidebar widgets if dynamic widgets are not available
  • Add login form to header/sidebar and add option for which to use.
    • Resize content area when sidebars are turned off.
    • Curve corners of header, footer and sidebars
  • Sort Through and optimize Stylesheet
  • Ajax-ify Comments
  • Three-Layer header options panel.
  • Remove unused php files / consolidate php files
  • Cleanup code!
  • More Testing!