I was happy until the Rails upgrade caused my gem to inexplicably stop working.

Before I migrated to Rails 3.2, I used a plugin to provide a unified input field for time_select with either the standard Rails ActionView or the SimpleForm gem (SimpleForm uses ActionView under the hood). I was happy until the Rails upgrade caused my gem to inexplicably stop working. I had a deadline to meet and could not be bothered with complicated solutions. I searched and searched for alternatives to this fine gem, but none were found. Then it hit me: why not just write my own code and replace the inputs with my own code? Surely it can't take too long to build a time input based on the simple_time_select gem! So here it is: my simple version of the gem, with only a few modifications from the simple_time_select gem.

Here is my old code, utilizing simple_time_select. The gem is used only if :simple_time_select is true, and it uses the :minute_interval, :time_separator, :start_hour, :end_hour, and a host of other options for setting the times. I wish it had a way for specifying just a start_time and end_time.

<div class="field">
  <%= f.input :start_time,
              :label=>"Start Time:",
              :simple_time_select => true,
              :minute_interval => 5,
              :time_separator => "",
              :start_hour => 06,
              :end_hour => 17

I had to search for an algorithm to use for the periodicity, and settled on the algorithm discussed in this discussion on Stack Overflow (opens new window), and is inlined as the :collection option. Since the :default option removes the inital blank I wanted as the first item in the list, I has to add a blank :include_blank option.

<div class="field">
  <%- time_start = Time.now.change(:hour=>6,:minute=>0) %>
  <%- time_end = Time.now.change(:hour=>17,:minute=>55) %>
  <%- period = 5.minutes %>
  <%= f.input :start_time,
           :include_blank => '',
             f.object.start_time.blank? ?
               "" : f.object.start_time.strftime("%H:%M")
           :collection=> (
               |array| array << array.last + period
                 while array.last < time_end
               |t| [t.strftime("%l:%M %p"), t.strftime("%H:%M")]

I am sure you can wrap this in a Helper class somewhere, and it should be easy to monkeypatch ActiveView or SimpleForm to display this instead of the default.